Matting Works on Paper

Dream Space 101
Mixed Media on Paper
[ink, watercolour, acrylic, rice paper, collage]

I love working on paper. After monthes of working mostly on paper in my art journal and out of it, I've also come to appreciate just how differently paper takes the paint. I used to just accumulate these works on paper, thinking someday I would finally get around to mastering cutting mats. Hasn't happened yet. But I have found a wonderful alternative which also has a dot com link for US customers. The prices are reasonable and the best thing is they will cut the opening to any size you want! They also sell backing boards and archival bags so you can mount your work and keep it safe. So now I just have to got through the stacks of paper and find the little gems amongst the dross.


Dream Space

Dream Space 105
Musing series
Mixed Media on Paper
[rice paper, collage, ink, watercolour, acrylic]