Concrete Poems

Surfacing series
Mixed Media on 4- 8x8 stretched canvases.
[handmade paper, rice paper, crackle paste, acrylic, ink, metallic powders]


Still Playing around

I am supposed to be avoiding the computer-- so new work but less typing for the next little while. All acrylic with ink pencils.


a Peace of Joy series

Mixed media on 3- 12x24 stretched canvases.
[ink pencils, graphite, acrylic]

Some days are starting days and some days are finishing days. I have been trying to finish up what I have begun before I get some repair work done on my right wrist which will force me to take a bit of a break for healing. So to prepare, I have also been trying to paint with my left hand when precision isn't required... which is kind of interesting-- my left hand is not well trained at all I am finding-- tends to be a bit raw. I have been working on these ones over the last week. I have been making marks with the ink pencils or acrylic on a brush using my right hand, then pushing them around with paint or medium on a larger brush to blend them with my left hand. I guess I should be grateful I have another hand at least.

Work in Progress

I have been working away at this one over the last week or so. The support had been layered with rice paper and dried. Then I started out by spraying the surface with water and sketching with an India Ink Inktense Pencil [they are fast becoming one of my favourite markmaking tools]. Then I painted wet into wet with inks and acrylics.

After that layer dried, I started painting out to reshape things and glazing with fluid colours, and used the Inktense for additional markings.

The last layer was mostly more markings with the Inktense and a bit more glazing to deepen colours. As usual, there are parts I really like, but I think I will have to live with it a bit longer before calling it done.