Surfacing series

Over the last week, I have been back to my textured works-- cycles upon cycles. I have been focused on the surface-- using a variety of materials to create texture with a simple landscapish theme as a constant. On the top one, I am using rice paper and tissue paper, letting them wrinkle over most of the surface and crumpling them up into folds in the green area.
In the second picture again I am using tissue and rice paper again, but pushing the rice paper together to create the raised lines.

In the third photo, I am using again the tissue paper for sky, crumpled rice paper in the coppery area and crackle paste [I love that stuff!!!] for the burnt sienna base area.

Variety is my Spice

Work in progress.

I seem to need to have alot of pieces of work on the go... I just keep moving from one to the next... I never know if I will finish anything in a day or if suddenly 2 or 3 pieces will come together and feel complete. I also need alot of variety in my processes... so in between painting, I will be collaging or making paper or making journals.

This is a piece I have been plugging away at for awhile. I started by collaging tissue and rice papers onto the canvas support. Some of the papers were already painted and some were white or cream. While it is all still wet I like to introduce the paint [ink, watercolours] so it creeps into the papers creating cool mixtures and textures. Then I will let that dry and have an interesting surface to work on...

Close up.


Sanctuary series

Mixed Media on 3- 12x24 stretched canvases.
[acrylic, ink, drawing media]

love is a place

love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places
yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds
ee cummings
The Sanctuary series is an ongoing series of work exploring concepts of shelter, refuge, home and sacred space. Each of these works feature at least one window, a way of seeing outside [material reality] and a way of seeing inside [spiritual world].

In progress.



Needless to say, I shouldn't discuss plans for what I am planning to get to here-- the muse seems to get a bit unruly when burdened with expectations. So today, I worked on one for the Sanctuary series--I think it is getting close, it is a bit hardedged and I want to soften some areas.

I also took a few detours-- I think I need to start a new series just titled Detours-- for experiments and explorations that just don't seem to fit in anywhere else-- but are part of my process of discovery and I still like to look at. These 3 seem to be a morph of the cruciform structure of the Sanctuary series but with the curving forms of the Soar series-- they didn't know what they wanted to be-- but the colours make my heart sing and they look so cool together.

Soar mini

Mixed Media on 2- 6x6 stretched canvases.
[acrylic, ink, drawing media]

I tried smaller instead. Just as there are challenges in going larger, there are challenges in going smaller. These 6x6 pieces came out alright-- yet the 4x4 canvases I tried out bombed badly-- I finally figured out that I would need to find smaller brushes as a swipe of the 1 1/2 bristle I have been using to blend pretty much blended everything too much on such a small canvas. So we'll have another try at things tomorrow.


Soar series

Mixed Media on 8x8 stretched canvas
[acrylic, ink, drawing media]
This is the beginning of a new series that I think I will call Soar-- focused on transformation-- these images to me seem suggestive of birds, butterflies, spirits, even florals perhaps-- evoking fragility and motion. I love the kind of ambiguity that brings the viewers imagination into play.

I am still working mostly with studies, getting an idea of how to make these work larger. That is an ongoing challenge I find-- translating processes that work on a smaller scale to larger scale. I am hoping to take that on this week. I think I will try gradually going larger-- maybe some 12x12 canvases next. Unless I'm feeling particularly brave...