Points of Departure

Lightbulb! I am beginning to get the point of studies as a great place to explore an idea before committing to a larger canvas. Although I experiment and play [alot] I rarely use these as reference for larger work-- it just never occured to me. It was like the blank canvas was always a place for something new, open to possibilities. I've never been a planner-- and I accepted a long time ago the consequences of that being work that is strange and surprises me which is good in my world--but with my random approach there are also alot of false starts. But lately I am finding that it is really helping to play with these smaller canvases to find out what might happen if I did this or that before I do it on the larger work. And once I have a study worked out- usually in several different approaches, I am making better decisions about what is going to work or not work... Now when I take on the larger pieces, the studies are points of departure and I can still let the work develop into what it is going to become, instead of copying or repeating larger where I've already been smaller, but it seems like my trust in where I'm going is surer. I am learning so much through theses studies-- I love my job!