Looking for advice

Passage 6
Mixed media on 22x30 stretched canvas.
[acrylic, ink, drawing media]
I decided to try the passage theme on stretched canvas. I worked this one wet in wet which is quite possibly my absolute favourite way to work. Because the canvas stays wet and absorbent alot longer than hardboard, I had alot longer time for blending and created some transitions I really like.
So I'm looking for advice-- does anyone know if you can stretch canvas over cradled hardboard? I like the hard surface of the hardboard but the absorbency of the canvas-- I think if I could have both I would have my ideal working surface. Any advice out there vis a vis whether this could be workable? anyone done it? would the canvas eventually be damaged by contact with the hardboard? if I used gesso first on the hardboard would that minimize deterioration? Any input appreciated...