Exploring White

Work in progress.

One of the things I love about my work is there still alot to learn and One of the most frustrating things about my work is there is still alot to learn! I've been exploring white lately--- I tended to avoid white-- it was just too overpowering and chalky-- so usually if I wanted lighter areas I tended to use more of a watercolourist approach-- either using the white of the support and working transparently-- or thin it with lots of water so it was more of a wash... which just doesn't work with heavier bodied paint. So I finally figured out to mix it with alot of medium so it is more of a glaze and doesn't kill the colour when I mix it in. I'm sure it's not rocket science for most of you out there-- but sometimes this 'self taught' approach means learning things the hard way and this has been a revelation for me. I think I like white now-- it certainly has it's uses in layering color over colour.