Anima Animus

Mixed Media on 2- 12x24 stretched canvases.
[acrylic, ink, drawing media]
Sometimes the unconscious is a richer pool for imagery than anything I could ever plan. Most days I try to give my self at least some time to just paint and see what happens-- no plan-- just jump in and follow the brush like meditation. I painted these ones upside down actually [another example of the muse getting my mind out of the way so she can do her thing] When I flipped them to more easily fix something on what I thought was the bottom, I got an uncanny sense of masculine and feminine-- thus anima/ animus. The oddest thing is I have been thinking about figures again-- not sure how they would develop just that they would be different from the handmade paper ones I used to make. But knowing any figures I did would be mythic and archetypal, representative of soul instead of realistic. I'm not sure this is how they will develop-- but I do think it is very interesting to uncover what's on the muses mind.

In Progress