Writes of Passage 1

Mixed Media collage on 18x24 cradled hardboard.
[monoprints, direct painting, text, acrylic, collage]
Painting squares wasn't working out so well-- so I have been taking on squares using my hand decorated collage papers. I used monoprinted papers, some foreign text, and marbled paper for the base, then painted out some areas. I used one of my favourite print plates [it makes me think of fences] in some areas, did some sanding to distress things a bit and applied a glaze of burnt sienna to unify things. Of course each of these steps involved the usual time delay and debate of Now What? but I am much happier with these squares-- they feel like my work.
I am hopelessly addicted to hand decorating papers with various methods and have stacks of them. I used them mostly for my journals but now I have an excuse to make even more...