Create what you want to Look at

Autumn Impression
Still light
One Tree Hill
I found these 3 pieces on a shelf.. so I guess it reveals just how messy my studio can get... I must not have seen them as finished at the time I stuck them on the shelf-- probably to make room for some new concept I decided needed to be pursued immediately! lol! But sometimes seeing with fresh eyes makes all the difference-- especially in knowing what to do next. So with a bit of re-orientation, fine tuning and a few glazes they meet my kind of strange and otherly criteria and I like looking at them. Maybe I need to misplace more of my work in progress.
When I was studying to become the next writer of the Great Canadian novel-- way back when-- an essay by Alice Walker really struck me-- I am paraphrasing but-- She said she couldn't find literature that she could relate to [no surprise there, since most of what we got to read in English Lit. was written by white males] so she decided to ' Write what she wanted to read.' I have taken this advice, twisted it a bit and reapplied it to art--- thus I try to 'Create what I like to look at.' Alot of the time when I just can't decide if something is done or not, I ask myself if I like looking at it--- if so, then it can be done.