Works in Progress

I am still working with almost raw canvas [just a thin wash of gesso to prime] and using inks and fluid acrylics wet into wet. I have been playing with some of my drawing media to make marks. I am especially becoming a fan of the Derwent Inktense Pencils. If you use them while the canvas is still wet, they become insoluble when they dry. I also really like the Caran D'ache Neocolour I which are oil based wax crayons.

On this one I have been layering poured washes of acrylic and inks, letting them mix and intermingle and backrun. In between I have been making marks with oil pastels for resist. I think this one is getting close to done.


Uncharted Territory

I've still been working with this landscape theme... and no one is more shocked than me??? I haven't had anything grab me this much since I gave up figures... it seems like I've been putzing for over a year, doing a bit of this-- a bit of that--- just messing around trying to figure out where to go next. But it is more the process that is grabbing me--- I am so enjoying the slowing down of the process... the calm meditative aspect- layering colour over colour, scratching back, and blending colours on the support mostly. I am feeling like I am learning so much. It must be what I'm needing now... so I follow.


Create what you want to Look at

Autumn Impression
Still light
One Tree Hill
I found these 3 pieces on a shelf.. so I guess it reveals just how messy my studio can get... I must not have seen them as finished at the time I stuck them on the shelf-- probably to make room for some new concept I decided needed to be pursued immediately! lol! But sometimes seeing with fresh eyes makes all the difference-- especially in knowing what to do next. So with a bit of re-orientation, fine tuning and a few glazes they meet my kind of strange and otherly criteria and I like looking at them. Maybe I need to misplace more of my work in progress.
When I was studying to become the next writer of the Great Canadian novel-- way back when-- an essay by Alice Walker really struck me-- I am paraphrasing but-- She said she couldn't find literature that she could relate to [no surprise there, since most of what we got to read in English Lit. was written by white males] so she decided to ' Write what she wanted to read.' I have taken this advice, twisted it a bit and reapplied it to art--- thus I try to 'Create what I like to look at.' Alot of the time when I just can't decide if something is done or not, I ask myself if I like looking at it--- if so, then it can be done.



I've been getting obsessed with this abstracted landscape theme lately. Just working very slowly and meditatively... blending colour into colour over a textured base. They were intended to be practice.. a learning exercise with the landscape theme as the constant... So I'm kind of surprised at myself but think I like these ones... looking at them takes me places... which is what I aspire to in creating... and I am enjoying the slowing down of the process. I think I need to get more of the Open medium so I have more blending time.



First session: This canvas sat around the studio for several monthes--- one of those ones that was clearly not there but I didn't know what to do with next as it had alot of texture because of some raised flings and alot of scratched out gouges.... so then I put it up on the easel up side and down and started to play...

Second Session: After the second session... it was still pretty raw and didn't seem to know what it wanted to be.
Third session: so it sat around again a few days... then I started to work slower just playing with colours and adjusting shapes-- using pastels, watercolour crayons and acrylic... and it seemed to be moving towards the Lifelines series.

Life Lines II

Mixed Media on 24x24x 1 1/2 on Gallery stretched canvas.
[acrylic, pastels, watercolor crayons]


Writes of Passage 1

Mixed Media collage on 18x24 cradled hardboard.
[monoprints, direct painting, text, acrylic, collage]
Painting squares wasn't working out so well-- so I have been taking on squares using my hand decorated collage papers. I used monoprinted papers, some foreign text, and marbled paper for the base, then painted out some areas. I used one of my favourite print plates [it makes me think of fences] in some areas, did some sanding to distress things a bit and applied a glaze of burnt sienna to unify things. Of course each of these steps involved the usual time delay and debate of Now What? but I am much happier with these squares-- they feel like my work.
I am hopelessly addicted to hand decorating papers with various methods and have stacks of them. I used them mostly for my journals but now I have an excuse to make even more...


Life Lines 1

Mixed Media on 24x24 cradled hardboard.

[rice paper, acrylic, ink]

Another long meandering journey involving abandoned squares, rice paper layers, paint layers and a spray bottle.
In the In Progress photo you can also see part of my wall easel which I built myself. I used 2- 2x4ft peg boards mounted on lattice boards and drilled it right into the wall so it is very sturdy. With the peg board hooks I can adjust for whatever size of support I am working on-- up to 4ftx4ft.

In Progress


Going Green 2

Acrylic on 24x24 cradled hardboard.
[from the Crossing Place series]
My daughter really liked Going Green1 which had already been spoken for so-- I decided to take a stab at doing something similar but unique. I am reeeally starting to love this limey yellow green-- it was one of those colours I've had to learn to like. Happily my daughter likes this one even better!