Wrinkle in Time 1

Mixed media on rice paper mounted on 20x24 stretched canvas.
[acrylic, mica powders, metallic powders, ink, washi]

Close up of top center.

This piece developed by laying rice paper down on heavy plastic with acrylic medium, then squirting acrylics and inks around-- copper, blue, violet and turquoise. To top it off I poured on some metallic powders I had mixed with gum arabic and distilled water, but my mix was heavy on the powder side and the powder didn't move much ---just settled in and created these cool wrinkles, fissures and crevices which I'm hoping you can see in the close up at the bottom. I was just going to use this one as a collage paper, but instead I decided to mount it on a canvas because I didn't want to tear it up.