Taking Flight 1

Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, watermedia]

Closeup of texture.
What a strange ride this one was... I had the base layer of rice paper down and was applying the second layer when my brush zigged when I intended to zag... resulting in a massive clump of rice paper instead a smoothish layer. So I could have removed it... but the texture intrigued me and I followed... using my brush to push the paper into ridges and whorls... then I poured some paint around and put it under the fan overnight to dry.
When I showed it to my daughter, she said it made her think of cross between an eagle and a figure running so fast-- they took flight.... she said I should call it 'taking flight'. Thus it is. I used to do alot of very dimensional work with papers... maybe this flight is a sign it is time to explore that kind of work again...