In My Garden 1

I have been trying to keep better track of how I get from one place to the next in my work by trying to remember to take in progress photos.

This was actually the first one in my garden series-- the seed-- and it afforded me a lightbulb moment of realizing that just because one flung some paint didn't mean one had to keep the fling as it was--- one could modify the fling with a brush if it didn't work as a fling. So I ended up with alot of modified flings in this one that made me think of a garden... but I didn't like the background... it was too pale and too pinky red. So I needed to wait until I had a day where I felt like I could take on some fiddly negative painting to fix the background and hopefully retain the tangled mayhem of the flings which I liked.

Work in Progress- version 1

Mixed Media on 24x24 cradled Hardboard.
[ink, acrylic, watersoluble crayons]
I decided I wanted alot more green in the background which I painted in layers of acrylic washes and glazes... did a bit more flinging... some markmaking with water soluble crayons... and some calligraphic markings with india ink.