Earth Impression

Mixed Media on 8x8 stretched canvas.
For this experiment I layered rice paper, tissue paper, matte medium, acrylic, and ink onto a piece of 100% cotton. This created a sturdier base to mount on the canvas, but the cloth is very absorbent and the colour really soaked into it and ran alot further than I expected. I had to crop out this one and add more colour to salvage it. I'm thinking I may try this experiment again but maybe put a layer of gesso on the cloth and let it dry first [that's also how I make my bookcloth] before applying the collage elements and paints.
Speaking of book things... I am starting a new blog for my journals for anyone who is interested. I plan to post new journals, some of my ideas about journaling and notes from classes I've taught, and occasional journaling prompts or art journaling prompts.