Mixed Media on paper mounted on 8x8 stretched canvas.
[washi, ink, watercolour, acrylic]

The washi/ rice paper collages are easy to stick with as the process itself and the unpredictability of how the surface interacts with the paints keeps it challenging. I am finding it a different kind of challenge to work on the squares... I just love how squares look, their edges and solidity-- but they are a real struggle to make my own.... I keep getting close to finished, then realize it reminds me of someone else's way of doing squares.. maybe it's something I have to go through to understand how to develop squares that feel like they are mine. I have a few in progress but nothing that is singing to me yet.


In My Garden 1

I have been trying to keep better track of how I get from one place to the next in my work by trying to remember to take in progress photos.

This was actually the first one in my garden series-- the seed-- and it afforded me a lightbulb moment of realizing that just because one flung some paint didn't mean one had to keep the fling as it was--- one could modify the fling with a brush if it didn't work as a fling. So I ended up with alot of modified flings in this one that made me think of a garden... but I didn't like the background... it was too pale and too pinky red. So I needed to wait until I had a day where I felt like I could take on some fiddly negative painting to fix the background and hopefully retain the tangled mayhem of the flings which I liked.

Work in Progress- version 1

Mixed Media on 24x24 cradled Hardboard.
[ink, acrylic, watersoluble crayons]
I decided I wanted alot more green in the background which I painted in layers of acrylic washes and glazes... did a bit more flinging... some markmaking with water soluble crayons... and some calligraphic markings with india ink.


Earth Impression

Mixed Media on 8x8 stretched canvas.
For this experiment I layered rice paper, tissue paper, matte medium, acrylic, and ink onto a piece of 100% cotton. This created a sturdier base to mount on the canvas, but the cloth is very absorbent and the colour really soaked into it and ran alot further than I expected. I had to crop out this one and add more colour to salvage it. I'm thinking I may try this experiment again but maybe put a layer of gesso on the cloth and let it dry first [that's also how I make my bookcloth] before applying the collage elements and paints.
Speaking of book things... I am starting a new blog for my journals for anyone who is interested. I plan to post new journals, some of my ideas about journaling and notes from classes I've taught, and occasional journaling prompts or art journaling prompts.


Abstract collage

Mixed Media paper collage mounted on 8x8 stretched canvas.
For this piece, I layered rice papers, salt, tissue paper, ink, watercolour and acrylic onto cotton paper. When the big mess dried, to me it hinted at rock crevise? or maybe winged thing? moth? cocoon? I love this sort of ambiguity--- work that hints at things, but isn't locked too rigidly into place. I have put this one by my chair where I sit with my journal first thing in the morning and before bed. It takes my mind places... and I follow... so maybe it should be part of the Dreaming Place series... I haven't decided yet.


Never too Late for Resolutions

Square Root II
Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, texture medium, acrylic]
Instead of all this flipping around, I have been thinking I need to stick with something long enough to build a body of work... Since I recognize I would go crazy if I had to stick to one thing, I am going to dedicate the next 3 monthes [as that sounds manageable] to 3 focuses-- flinging, rice paper collages and squares [yes I know squares will be a stretch-- especially to make them my own]. I guess this is my late New years Resolution... wish me luck! But my out is I do still get to play first in the morning with whatever occurs to me at the time.


Dreaming Place 3-1

Mixed Media on 18x24 cradled masonite.
[acrylic, watercolour, ink, rice paper]
“There are two worlds; the world that we measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination." Leigh Hunt
I have been wanting to work larger in this series. This piece started as an experiment [on rare occasion they do work out] I glued a bunch of different types of rice papers to a sheet of plastic with matte medium. Then I painted wet into wet washes of sepia, burnt sienna and raw sienna. Then I just let them do their thing until dry. Once I pulled it away from the plastic... it created a translucent fused sheet of papers. From there I glued it to cradled masonite... and a few glazes and fine tuning... and I am happy with it. It has the right balance of suggestive and 'otherly' for me to want to look at it for awhile.


In My Garden

Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.
My garden starts out each year full of promise... I choose my favourite flowers in colours I love... but as time goes on... it gets kind of wild ... a bit tangled and untamed. And I've come to realize I like it that way... so I no longer seed in rows or cultivate or weed... I just plant and let nature take its course. This series of paintings are like my garden... colours I love tangled all together, taking root, forging their paths and growing wild.


Square Root 1

Mixed Media on 14x18 stretched canvas
After being away from the studio, I seem to lose my place... it tends to make me switch gears. I've been playing with square and rectangular shapes...the structure feels like a real departure from my usual curving forms. My daughter liked this one, so it will live for awhile...