Dreaming Indigo Experiments

Cropped area.

Mixed Media 18x24 cradled hardboard.
[pouring, ink, acrylic, resists, monotype]

Alongside flinging paint and preparing for an upcoming show, I have been trying to translate some of the smaller experiments I did earlier this year for my Dreaming Indigo series into larger pieces. I am working on rice papers mounted on cradled hardboard so cropping isn't an option, but if I could I would crop the top picture out of the bottom picture. I love the contrasts and textures. It takes my mind in different directions... some I will follow... after the show. Deadlines always get in the way...


More Flinging

Storming Heaven 3-1
Mixed Media on 24x30 stretched canvas.
[acrylic, ink]
A couple of years ago I read a book called Stalking the Divine. [which could be a great title for a series of paintings I think!] But at one point, the author is talking to a group of nuns who pray 24 hours a day. On occasion the nuns would receive requests to pray for someone and they would then 'storm heaven with prayer' on behalf of that person. Although the closest I come to prayer is painting, for some reason the concept of 'storming heaven' has stayed with me. It seems to be developing into a series of paintings.

Creation Story 1-1

Mixed Media on 24x24 cradled hardboard.
[acrylic, ink]

Far Flung

Mixed media on 18x24 cradled hardboard.
[rice paper, acrylic, ink]
A bit of fun today with flinging paint... there is definitely a technique to be mastered in flinging... I ended up with alot of paint on the floor, the wall and myself... but it is certainly cathartic... and something I plan to practice again!


Digital Manipulation

Digital Manipulation of Work in Progress.

After over a month of being absorbed with family visits, I am trying to get back into the swing of things... but I am just learning to do a bit more than crop photos and it is rather addictive... the possibilities and variations are endless... and I am using a pretty basic program. This one is a work in progress that I played with. I really like the contrasts and the colours. It will be interesting to see how this impacts on the finished work. This is the actual work in progress at this point:

Work in progress

[acrylic, monoprinting, resists on 24x24 cradled hardboard]


Storm 2-1

Mixed Media on 24x24 cradled birch panel.
[ink, acrylic pouring, resists, monoprinting]


Crossing the Line 2-1

Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.
[string, texture mediums, acrylic, handmade paper]
I don't do alot of commission work, but usually when I accept a commission, I have a mock up canvas to try out things before I commit them to the 'real' work. I find it takes a bit of the pressure off if the muse has a place to play when I am trying to meet specific outcomes on the commission. This piece was my mock up for the commissioned work shown in my last post below. I ended up thinking this one turned out interesting too--- in a different kind of way.
Anyone out there have any other ways of dealing with commission work??? I find it a real challenge and tend to stress myself out rather badly over it... I seem to work much better 'on spec'.