Stray of Light1-1

Acrylic on 16x20 stretched canvas.
I tend to use the summer monthes for building skills and exploring ideas that I've been meaning to get to. I am learning to stretch my own canvases and build my own cradled wood boards... behind the scenes work, but necessary. I am getting pretty handy with the mitre saw, drill and brad nailer although I'm still pretty leery of the circular saw.
I've been working with black which hasn't been a regular on my palette [something about those rules that need to be broken]... I am finding the starkness of black really makes the colours pop! These works have been intriguing me lately, creating a colourful base painting then painting out the negative spaces in black and scratching through to find the colours underneath. It is sort of like the scratch art I remember doing in kids art class.... with random colourful crayons then covering it with black crayon and scratching at the black to create the picture. Maybe I'll call this series Black Magic lol!