Dance with Shiva

Acrylic on 16x20 canvas.
I will be off for the next week for a printmaking class! 5 days with access to a huge printing press! I am very much looking forward to being out of my studio, learning new things, interacting with other artists and immersing myself in the process! Time to shake things up a bit... but then again, that may have already started...


Interface2 group

Mixed media on 4- 8x8 stretched canvases.
[handmade & cast paper, fabric, texture mediums, acrylic, metallic powders]



Mixed media on 8x8 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, texture gel, metallic pigments, acrylic]
I love a happy accident! Probably 90% of my favourite pieces of my work are happy accidents... things that just kind of happened in the midst of an experiment or playing. Things that just came about because I got my mind out of the way!
On this piece, it just got too dark too fast using indigo and turquoise deep full strength... it looked black... so I used some acrylic texture gel to create cracks and fissures. Then once it dried I mixed metallic powders with fluid acrylics and applied them in thin washes, threw in some salt and sprayed a bit of water mixed with medium and let it dry. I love ambiguity in a work.

Water Poem 2-2

Acrylic on 16x20 stretched canvas.


Strings in D minor

Mixed Media on 14x18 stretched canvas.
[handmade paper, string, metallic powders, acrylic, texture mediums]



Mixed Media on 4-12x12 stretched canvases.
[acrylic, handmade & cast paper, metallic pigments, texture mediums, linen]


Interviews and Profiles

I would like to thank Cyndi Lavin for taking the time to organize an artist profile on moi.

I am also a featured artist on the EBSQ home page this month.


Acrylic on 20x24 stretched canvas.


I heart Red

from the Remnants series
Mixed Media on 4- 12x12 stretched canvases. Total size 24x24.
[handmade & handcast paper, metallic pigments, collage, acrylic]


Spirit Bird study

Acrylic study on 8x10 watercolour paper.

This was supposed to be a study for another work in the Fault line series... but when I flipped it on it's side... I saw a spirit bird instead... this happens quite often... I think I am making one thing but when I flip it in another direction, something else shows up... sometimes I suspect my muse sees either upside down or backwards... and she is busily doing her thing while she has me distracted by another task at hand.
Another sample here... I painted this piece in this direction... I had it photographed etc and was going to call it 'centering'...

...until I threw it on the wall upside down and then saw an orchid below.