Work in Progress --Making Marks

I love a blank canvas... I love to start... there are so many possibilities... until I make a mess lol... I used india ink in a squeeze bottle with a long tip on top of a bunch of papers I had glued down on the canvas-- but I didn't wait for the papers to dry so I ended up with some cool calligraphic markings and a bunch of black blobs that ran all over the place... then I let it dry and painted fluid acrylics over... which didn't really help matters... but it was fun!!! and maybe that's more important lol!

This tends to be how I spend alot of my day... I call it putzing [sp?] just doing whatever occurs to me [playing around really]... then after a couple of hours I force myself into 'finishing mode' and pick something from THE Wall that looks like it has possibilities and try to resolve it... somedays this works... and then there are days things just aren't ready to be resolved... Alot of my works are layers upon layers until they get where they are going... I like to think of this as layers of meaning... or maybe layers of playing lol!

The Wall.
April 11/08.