Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, acrylic, ink]

And the muse is offering only florals of late... I guess she is longing for spring too! This piece was started with random pieces of different types of rice paper, then earthtoned ink pours while it was still wet, so they really ran all all over. Once it dried it was a big old mess, so I just started playing, linking shapes with colour. When I stepped back from the linking, the tulip shape was pretty much there... so I went with it. It's a bit of a leap with the center of interest going out of the picture plane, but I'm hoping the cruciform design helps keep the eye moving around. Sometimes I think I should just make a big mess to start... then I have that 'got nothing to lose attitude' that makes me try anything that occurs to me... and I often end up with something interesting.

Tulip in progress.