Some of my Favourite Tools

I thought I would show off some of my favourite tools:

From the top left: Atomizer: for spraying paint [much cheaper than an air brush] and it is also useful for spraying a layer of acrylic medium&water onto watercolour paint to fix it.
Sponges for applying paint texture and painting the sides of paintings.

bottom left: paint shapers. I love these tools for drawing and scratching into the paint, applying thin lines.
pipette: for picking up inky paint and squirting or dripping or creating a line of paint.

middle bottom: drywall putty knife... for smoothing out paint or if you press down, then lift in heavy body paint it makes really cool textures. Above that is a makeup tester which doubles in the studio for scraping out paint.

right side: my deckle edge ruler... for ripping collage papers and watercolour or printing papers.
top middle: syringes with various tips... these are all great for applying paint or ink in thin lines or for writing with. Good for squirting too!
dimensional fabric paint: this is my favourite paint for writing with... I use it especially for my spontaneous mark making on my journals.

And below everything is a piece of rice paper I painted... rice paper is becoming more and more of a staple in my work.