Done by Default

Ley lines
Mixed media on 12x16 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, tissue paper, inks, watercolour, acrylic]

This piece has been hanging around the studio for several monthes... I have this ongoing issue with calling something done. Often I am just not sure about it... So in my world... there are two options with work I am not sure of... either it gets gessoed over or I have to change or add something. With this piece I loved the way the paints had crawled across the papers so I didn't want to gesso over it which means it intrigued my eyes enough to keep looking at it... and there wasn't anything I wanted to change or add... so it is done by default.
There is something I love about it, with earthy, icy and treelike forms and associations, for me it has that 'je ne sais quoi'... I guess since I don't come from an art background... and won't be acquiring a BFA anytime soon, I am more and more inclined towards putting my work out there with it meeting my own criteria for creativity which basicly comes down to 'Do I like to look at it?' and 'Does this interest me enough to look at it for a long time?' So my work stops in places interesting to me... afterall who else do I have to please really???

I would be so interested in hearing about how other creators decide something is done.