aSpire to Serenity

Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched Canvas.
I finished this last week... but then had to go out of town unexpectedly before I could post it.
I was away for a whole week and I really really missed my studio... Out of desperation, one day, I sat at my parents kitchen table and painted with some old craft paints on canvas panels my dad had laying around. Those paintings aren't worth showing but at least I got a painting fix! lol!
Before I had to go away I was just starting to feel like I was beginning to get focused... starting to get somewhere, have an idea of where I was going... and now I feel like I kind of lost where I was... so who knows where I'll go from here... Maybe this painting's title was a reminder to myself... despite life circumstances, aspire to stay serene... like I knew last week I might need reminding.