Revisiting Mandalas

Mandala 4
finished in 2006.
Mixed media [handmade paper, cheesecloth, texture mediums, dimensional paint, acrylic]
12x12 on stretched canvas

Mandala 13
Mixed media [handmade paper, cheesecloth, texture mediums, acrylic]
on 4- 8x10 stretched canvases.
started summer 2007
finished Feb. 2008.
Going backwards to go forward??? Sometimes the work can take a long meandering journey to be complete. Mandala 13 hung around the studio in many different guises before finally reaching completion today. I decided I needed to finish the works in progress, so I could move forward, so expect to see alot more of the textured works that have been sitting about unresolved. This one did finally come together over the last 24 hours after deciding what to try... maybe sometimes it just a matter of making a choice and following it through?