Crossing the Line 1-1

Mixed Media on 8x10 stretched canvas.
[texture medium, fibres, handmade paper, granular paste]


Xmas Journals

My show went exceptionally well... so the green and red journals in my last post are gone, which means I get to play with these colours again! I think xmas is coming! lol!
These two are layers of handmade paper stacked on top each other to create the designs on the canvas panel covers.


Textured Squares

Mixed media on 4- 8x10 stretched canvas.

Close up of textured area.
Cotton string and texture medium on handmade paper.


Expresso Handmade Journal

Mixed Media Handmade Journal 6x8.

I am preparing for a show so I am nose to the grindstone creating journals! Expect to see alot of journals in the next couple of weeks... I went home with 2 last year and hope to be better prepared this year! This is my new favourite... an experiment with fibres laid into texture medium. I usually use my journals as a place to experiment and try out new ideas... I plan on trying this on some canvases next... I love the resulting texture!