Earthscape Group

Mixed Media on 4- 5x7 stretched canvases.
[rice papers, acrylic, inks, metallic powders, collage]
I did set out to create 4 works that could work together as a group or on their own... but I didn't set out to have them all sort of line up... a funny sort of synchronicity appeared when I went to take the photos!


Lost in Translation Group

Mixed Media on 4- 3.5x3.5 wood blocks.
[acrylic, fibres, granular paste, texture medium, glass paint over asian text.]
Lost in Translation is an ongoing series focused on foreign and ancient text and symbols. Some of the script shows through in places and is lost in other areas, just as the subtle aspects of meaning and connotation are obscured through the process of translation and the passage of time.

New Journals

I wanted to try making a really large journal. So this one is 9x12 and holds ledger size paper [11 1/2x17 so 8 1/2x 11 1/2 folded]. Maybe no one will want it and I'll get to keep it...
9x12 Handmade journal.
[handmade paper, fibres, texture medium, metallic powders, granular paste]

7x9 Handmade Journal.

[handcast paper, dimensional paint and layers upon layers of acrylics]


Strata 3-1

Mixed Media on 12x12 stretched canvas.
[rice paper, collage, tissue paper, ink, acrylic]


Skylight Pair

Mixed Media on 2- 8x8 stretched canvases.
[rice paper, acrylic, ink, dimensional paint, salt]