Hooked on Moons

Mixed media on (9) 3.5x3.5 wood blocks.

OK... I admit it, I am in love with the moon, definitely a night owl, definitely moonstruck! Every night when I go to bed, I open the drapes so the moon can shine in on me while I sleep. For some reason, I have been resisting and avoiding making moons and circles... (thinking after over 80 Moonstruck pieces, I should be done with them and move on) but resisting moons has been difficult... So then I was thinking, that part of the great thing about being an artist is we can explore our obsessions through our work until they no longer obsess us... So I have decided until I get tired of moons, I will be doing moons. Maybe some day I will create a perfect moon and it will be over but until then if moons are calling to me, I will listen! So these mini moons are my first surrender to moons calling me... And In celebration, I am creating a wall of moons... I have (20) 6x8 canvases with moons in progress... I am sooo excited lol!