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From the Lost in Translation series

Handmade paper, text, mixed media on 4- 5.5x5.5 wood blocks.


7 Random Facts

I have been tagged by Axl to tell 7 Random Facts about myself.
1. I take an afternoon nap everyday.
2. I majored in Creative Writing & English at post secondary, not art.
3. I have kept a journal for over 20yrs.
4. I consider creating as good as meditation vis a vis a state of being that includes timelessness, fully present, focused and intuitive leaps.
5. I have more ideas than time.
6. I have a deal with the muse. I show up, she is responsible for content.
7. I would rather create than anything else I can think of... and am grateful everyday to be following my bliss.

So many of my favourites have already been tagged, I will add links as I find them over the next couple of days.