New Printing Press

Embossing 4x6
Collagraph 4x6
I took a printmaking class several years ago and fell in love with the process. Finally I have purchased a small printing press and have spent the last week finding out how to make it work. Alot of failed experiments lol ... but some experiments worth further exploration.


Mixed Media on 16x20 stretched canvas.


Faux Raku Tiles 1&2

Handmade paper tiles, metallic powders on 2 8x10 stretched canvas.
And the cycle turns... I have been in a major painting drive... but I always seem to come back eventually to my love of texture, making my own paper and exploring the possibilities there. It seems I may never be a dedicated to one medium kind of artist... each thing I do seems to build ideas for another media... like changing media creates an incubation period for the media left behind.
These are part of my ongoing project trying to achieve a faux raku effect without ceramics or a kiln. I love the look of copper, blues, purples and greens together.