Art a Day

Poetry Strikes
(from the Between the Lines series)
Mixed Media Image Collage

One of my groups is having an art a day challenge, so I will be aspiring to bring a piece to completion daily and posting here. Wish me luck!


Wrapping the Stapled Edges of Stretched Canvas

I can’t be the only one who has been given for xmas or my birthday, canvases with staples on the sides instead of the back. So to hide the unsightly staples, I have started wrapping the edges with a good quality cloth tape or linen hinge tape (framing suppliers or bookbinding suppliers), then coat it with acrylic matte medium, and once that dries, a coat of gesso. If you aren’t concerned with archival issues, white hockey tape (hardware store/ sports shops) also works.

Mermaid V

Mermaid V
Commissioned Handcast paper collage

Mermaid IV

Mermaid IV
Handcast Paper collage.


Fabric Swatch Experiment 3- Faux Batik

Faux Batik
This piece was coated with a layer of gesso and allowed to dry. I then drew the “spiral eyes” on with clear dimensional fabric paint and let that dry. Washes of copper, quin. Violet, purple and magenta acrylic followed. I then used the clear fabric paint again to draw the “ghost images” of the “diamond swirls.”

Fabric Swatch Experiment 2- Mark Making

This piece was coated with a layer of gesso and allowed to dry. Then I painted it with washes of thinned acrylic paints, stamped with a handcarved stamp and a round lid, and made marks with the edge of a brush. The resist areas were created by using clear dimensional fabric paint applied to the wet fabric. It pushed the paint aside and created a batik like effect.

Fabric Swatch Experiment 1- Crackle

Crackled Effect
This piece was coated with a layer of gesso and allowed to dry. I dropped washes of indigo, purple, turquoise and copper acrylic paints randomly, sprinkled on some salt, and let it dry against a crinkled up plastic bag which created the crackled effect. This side was against the bag.

Sew on Art Doll Face

To make a sew on art doll face using a mold.
When pressing the polymer clay into the mold, press a little extra over the edges of the mold to create a lip around the face. Once you remove it from your mold, let it firm up a bit or put it in the fridge for a few minutes. Poke holes around the edge of lip large enough for a needle to go through. Bake as usual. I am thinking that additional beading around the face or fibres might hide the lip?


Handmade Book

Handmade book using two canvas panels, homemade bookcloth spine (instructions below), handmade and handcast papers, altered photo, collage elements.