"When one door closes, look for the open window..."

Acrylics on Stretched canvas


More Experiments with Fabric Dryer Sheets

I have been experimenting with using dryer sheets sandwiched between two thin sheets of paper to strengthen the paper to use for bookcloth, collage or for stitching.

Used dryer sheets ( I save the used ones and then wash & dry them at least once more with a load of laundry to get rid of the softner)
Acrylic paints (thinned to a cream like state)
Acrylic medium (gloss or matte)
Gesso (optional)
Board/ cardboard/ foamcore wrapped with heavy plastic (I use Vapour Barrier from a hardware store) or garbage bags/ recycled grocery bags. ( you can just use clamps to hold it in place.) ( Also each type of plastic yields a different effect... so experiment)
Tissue paper/ Rice paper (this seems to work best with thinner papers that don’t have much sizing)
Paintbrushes/ foambrushes
Brayer/ old roller

Basic Sandwich

Cut 2 pieces of tissue paper larger than the dryer sheet you are using. (at least one inch all around)
2. Place tissue paper on the plastic covered board and cover with a coat of acrylic paint. (Acrylic paint acts like a glue)
3. Lay the dryer sheet in the center of the painted tissue paper and coat with the Acrylic medium.
4. Lay the 2nd piece of tissue paper on top and coat with Acrylic paint again.
5. Using a brayer, roll out any air bubbles and push the layers together.Let dry and peel away from the plastic.. (this will take while… at least overnight)
1. I used Multiple colours of Acrylic paint ( burnt umber/ copper/ black)
2. I used 2 dryer sheets side by side to make a larger piece and multiple colours (viridian/gold/black)
3. I used gesso on the first layer of tissue paper instead of the acrylic paint. This created a more leathery paper.


Painting for Bliss

8x10 on stretched canvas

My purest artistic bliss is just me and my paintbrush, having a silent conversation with the canvas. Time stands still, I think I am the closest to that zen mindful/ mindless that I aspire to reach through meditation... Maybe instead of sitting zazen, I should be painting for my meditation time instead!