Art a Day- Haunting II

haunted by the primal god
eyes in shadows, mask shod
dark and light, two sided coin
find the place where they join
duality dances where ancients trod.
Cast Paper Collage


Art a Day Catch up

Alchemy III

Flower child IV

Art a Day- Catch up

Alchemy I
glass inks, metallic paints and powders

Alchemy II
glass inks, metallic paints and powders


How to: Clay Charms

Polymer Clay Charms

Mini stamps/ charms or other items that will make impressions.
Ceramic tile/ or glass sheet to bake the clay on.
Polymer Clay (any colour) Rolled into thin sheets of about 2mm.
Mica powders
Baby powder
Acrylic roller (a rolling pin or hard rubber brayer dusted with baby powder will also work)
Black acrylic paint (thinned with water)
Mini cookie cutters or exacto knives

Create a Charm template by rolling out a sheet of clay. If you have a dedicated pasta machine I usually use a medium setting or you can roll it to 2mm with your rolling pin. Lay the sheet on a ceramic tile and smooth out any air bubbles. Dust with baby powder.Impress your stamps/ charms into the clay, leaving plenty of space around each one. Bake your clay on the tile according to package directions.

To make the charms:
Cut a section of clay sheet a little larger than the charm on your template you are choosing and dust with baby powder. Place it over the section of the charm and roll over it firmly with the roller. This will create a raised charm.

Place the clay on a ceramic tile and cut around the charm with a cutter or exacto knife. Make a small hole in the edge of your charm so you can attach a jumper ring. (Optional: dust with mica powder at this time) Bake the charm. When it has cooled you can paint the back with a matching colour of acrylic paint ( gold/ copper) then after that dries… apply a thin wash of black acrylic paint which will settle into the crevices and emphasize the texture. See post below for examples of charms.

Clay Charms

Most of these charms were dusted with mica and metallic powders before curing. Then glazed with a black glaze after curing.

Art a Day- Spirit Bird- 4x4 Collage