Collage Sheet of your own Imagery

So I had to print off some photos of my work to enter a juried show.... and it occured to me that this is my work.. and I can do whatever I want to with it... I could make collage sheets of my own work and use them in my collages etc.... No copyright issues involved...
How to in Windows XP:
1. Create and Open a folder of your images in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
2. Click on the Print icon to open the Photo Printing Wizard.
3. Click on Next. Select 9 images
4. Click on Next. Set up your printer for colour prints, paper etc.
5. Click on next. Choose your layout for Wallet size (9 images on 1page)
6. Click on next to print off a collage sheet of your own images that you can use in a myriad of different ways in your collages, altered books, art journals etc.
7. Apparently if you heat your images the inks become heat set... but I haven't tried this.. I am just going to get mine photocopied.
And then there are all the possibilities of digitally altering your own images...